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Edward: Enter the Tomato

Full Name: Ein
Birth: Unknown
Ein Ein
Age: Unknown
Sign: Unknown
Hair: Brown and White
Eyes: Brown
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Series: Cowboy BeBop


Ein is a super-intelligent Corgi dog that is usually in distance with Ed. He first appeared in the second episode. Ein appears to be a very mysterious character throughout the series. Spike finds Ein in a breif case left by a bounty hunter by the name of Hakeem (an extremely tall African American man). Ein is then identified by a pet shop owner to be a Corgi. Not much other information is known about him except for the fact that he is a data dog, and is very much more intelligent than the other members of the BeBop crew. He is probably at about the same IQ level as Ed. Together they hang theoughtout the ship lazily together. The way they seem to care about each other makes their friendship strong.

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